2016, Fare Thee Well

Oh, hey guys, how are you? How've the last 6 months gone? *Where* have the last 6 months gone?
No, nor me.

2016 has been a mixed bag. I've been busy and quiet, happy and sad, proud and disappointed.
I've decided in my little recap to focus on the good.

Reasons 2016 was fine, guys

  • Travels - I visited some new places: Fuerteventura in April and NYC in July.
  • Theatre - Fun Home (on Broadway, it really got to me), Sunset Boulevard (yes, with Glenn Close. Yes, she was awesome); my pal Leigh playing Carole King in Beautiful; Groundhog Day.
  • Health - my smear test was clear and so was my breast screening. Get stuff checked out girls, it's probs nothing. And yes, I always fear if I go to the appointments I'll find out I'm dying but I'd rather know so I can blow my life savings on ice cream, finally.
    Also, I came off the pill and realised I'd been low-level depressed for like 3 years. Messing around with your hormones is dangerous stuff. I am a completely different person now. I'm also back in therapy, but I like love therapy so this is A+.
  • Friends - I can't stress this enough: I've needed my friends this year.  My friends are awesome.
  • New - New friends, a new niece, a new job, a new flat, a new neighbourhood and a new peace with just being me.

Bring on 2017 x