52 Projects: 2016

So, yes, given that the last project was posted in August 2015, you can safely assume that I am behind.  Although I do have a few projects that have been completed since then, they haven't made it onto the blog yet and I am not where I wanted to be at this stage!

I could say that starting a new job and being away a lot were the cause, but really, I should've planned for all that and had different sized projects lined up for busy times.

I know how satisfying it is to finish a project, even one that was a struggle or didn't turn out quite as I'd thought.  I need to keep reminding myself of that constantly this year, and finish what I started.

To try to catch up at this point would be insane, and so it's time to revise my goals for this year.  I will be thinking about forming smarter habits, and breaking my targets down into more manageable pieces.  Watch this space!