52 Projects: Number Three

I took a class!  I like taking a group class, because when things get fiddly, I can often get frustrated and give up on my own. When I'm in a class full of other people learning the same new thing, I generally man-up.

I went along to "Introduction to Book Binding" at London Centre for Book Arts in East London.

Although I won't always term a class as a project in and of itself, this was a full-day course, and I produced three books to take home.

We learned and made three different styles of notebook:

  1. Concertina
  2. Pamphlet
  3. Japanese stab binding

Of the three styles, I could see myself getting quite into the Japanese stab binding.  Just type the term into Pinterest to see how intricate this technique can get!

I have since signed up to the Introduction to Letter Press course at the same venue, and am excited about learning even more book art techniques!

What have you all been learning this week? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!