52 Projects: Number Two

This week I visited the Agnes Martin exhibition at Tate Modern.  I loved the straight lines and found them very calming.


As soon as I could, I popped to the art shop and bought a canvas, and acrylics, and dug out my watercolour pencils.  Agnes Martin was famous for her pale colour washes and fine pencil lines, which I love, but I'm far less subtle.  I wasn't trying to copy her style, rather I just fancied getting into the focussed headspace of line drawing.

If I had wanted to copy Agnes Martin, I would have watered my acrylic down, and used pale lines.  In the end, this is what I finished up with.  I would've liked to have paler, finer lines, but there we are.  I started something and I finished it, and that's the whole point of my 52 projects!