Embrace Your Multipotentiality

Hi, Renaissance persons!  How many new things have you tried since we last spoke?!

In my last post, I declared my intention to embrace my Renaissance, and I hope you’ll do the same. Accepting that I like to try a lot of things, isn’t just about being fine with never getting anywhere.  I’m not going to just make tea and play Sims, while all my half-started projects sit lonely and unloved.  

Many types of resistance cause my project abandonments, and I'm sure they'll come up as I work through my new plans.  I will, of course, write about them all here as they appear.

Drowning in the things.

Drowning in the things.

I mentioned that I have stopped trying new things lately, because I’m so fed up with my incompletes. A few things, though, have brought me round to trying again, and I’m feeling a bit braver:  

  1. Chris Guillebeau’s “The Happiness of Pursuit”.  Chris writes about the power of having an overarching goal.  His was to visit every country in the world before he turned 35.  Steve Kamb’s was (and still is) to make his life into an ‘Epic Quest of Awesome’ and treating it like a computer game.  
  2. The Vision Exercise Jack Canfield prescribes in his book “The Success Principles”, got a lot of thoughts out that I didn’t even know I had.  I realised where I’ve been steering my life isn’t actually in the direction of where I want to end up.  
  3. Emilie Wapnick’s talk “Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” caused a li'l lightbulb moment, and now here we are.

So, now my plan is to think in small chunks, but with an end goal.  Focus project by project, and give myself the chance to complete something. With each complete project, I hope my sense of achievement will grow and I might even find I quite enjoy finishing things just for the sake of it!

The small chunks will be (for example) one sewing project, or one piece on the piano,  - rather than panicking that I don’t have a wardrobe full of handmade clothes or a Grade 8 piano certificate already. The end goal is to have completed 52 projects within the year, and the overarching goal will be writing about it all here on brol.ly .  My aim is to publish the first project in the first week in July, which gives me enough time to organise my life before diving in!


Do you have a long-term goal, made up of little goals?  If so, I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below so we can all catch up!