January: The Goals

Oh, hey guys. How are you? How's 2017 going?

It's going pretty well for me, so far.

In my last post, I shared my goal for the year, and also some goals I had for January. Shall we check in on that whole sitch?

Magnolia. Not January, obvs.

Magnolia. Not January, obvs.

I should say: goals and I have a difficult relationship. We got history, I can't lie.  I either set myself goals like I'm Hermione Granger with the Time-Turner, or literally my goal for the day is 'maybe wear a bra'.

Let's do this.

The Book-Buying Ban

I did not buy any books.  Hurrah!  I started the year with 69 ;) unread books in my flat.  Now, I have 72. Wait, what? Yeah, that's right. When you declare you're going to clear your unread books before buying any more, people just start lobbing books at you!  I should've thought of this earlier. So, I have added 3 borrowed books to my tracker page, with a little key to show I did not cheat.  I did manage to read 2 books, which I have marked with a little strikethrough. HTML skills coming in handy, people.


First: why, why would I do this? Food and I have a difficult relationship. We got history, I can't lie.  I am not very good at taking care of myself, food-wise. I either eat a load of crap, live on Skittles and toast, or I just forget to eat. I find food literally. so. boring.  Actually, that's not quite true. I like food, but decisions about food make me want to die. I know, I should grow up. Sure, ask a recovering alcoholic to make decisions about gin and let me know how that works out.  I am comfortable that my disordered past will be a life-long consideration.  I have found that the best way to force myself to be good at this stuff (eating), is to put some rules in place.  If I make it so that I have to cook meals from scratch and take packed lunches, I can totally do it. Also, it feels good, like I'm nurturing my little self - on purpose.  Of course, Skittles and toast: still an option.

Yoga Revolution

My body and I have a diff...you get the picture.  In fact, these days I'm basically in love with myself and think my body is awesome. Still, I like to take care of it.  You only get one, and I like to keep mine strong and bendy.  Yep.  I have not stuck to doing this every day. I am on day 8 of 16, but yoga every other day is still a thousand percent more yoga than I have done in the last 6 months. So, I'm behind, but happy.  Also, I'm proud that I didn't give up the first time I missed a day. I have a habit of pulling just that sort of perfectionist crap.

Dry January

Hurrah! No, drinking and I have no history. I just thought it was a good idea because I barely drink, but Christmas was pretty boozy. Have stuck to Diet Coke at the pub, easy peasy. I laugh in the face of peer pressure.

Seriously, pals, how is 2017 going? Please tell me in the comments or @allisonbennie on Twitter and Instagram