Renaissance Sim

Renaissance Sim: This Sim Wants To Be Good At Many Things At Once

We’re made to choose very early, what we’re going to do with our lives. You know, the rest of our lives. Like, forever.  Every year at school, we have to choose fewer and fewer subjects, and we should chose the ones we’re good at - right? Not the ones we just like. Then we pick our very best thing, and do a degree in that.  Then we take your degree and we get ourselves a job.  Forever.  For. Ever. Turns out, for me anyway, that’s bullshit.  I knew, aged 19, that I had got it wrong.  I had made the wrong choice, I was on the wrong path, and oh-my-god-what-the-fuck-do-I-do.  What I did, was I stayed at uni until I had a degree.  Not the degree I had started, and not a degree that would get me a job, but you know, a degree. Sure, why not.  

Since then, I’ve tried many things.  Every time I find a new thing, I think “this will be the one, this is the one I can make a career out of”, and every time… I get over it.  I move on to something else.  And lately, I’ve been feeling completely fed up with it. I’m annoyed by my inability to just pick one.  I’ve even stopped picking.  I go to a job that’s boring me to death, and I come home at night and watch TV, and usually fall asleep on the sofa.  It’s exhausting, having too many ‘things’.

Here are all the things I am, or have been, interested in.  Some of them I’ve tried, some of them I’m too embarrassed to try in case I change my mind, again:

baking; dress making; toy making; embroidery; cake decorating; yoga; running; architecture; art (painting; drawing; illustration; photography); web design; music (piano; saxophone; ukelele; clarinet; singing); nail art;  ice skating; modding Blythe dolls and Makie dolls; knitting; dance (highland; tap; majorettes; ballet; jazz); learning foreign languages; psychology.  There are probably more.  If we’re friends, you might comment on this and say “what about that time you were going to join the circus.” Oh, trampolining, that’s another one. And gymnastics.

You can add The Sims to that list.

You can add The Sims to that list.

It’s not that I can’t stick to things.  I finished school with four As and a B, so I must have worked hard for that.  I have a degree that took three years to earn, and frankly nearly killed me.  I have a cat that I have managed to keep alive for over eight years.  I worked for the same company for 9 years after I left uni, although that did make me into kind of a bitch so I should maybe have left there sooner.  I can do commitment, and I can do hard work, and I’m smart.  The problem isn’t that I’m a flake, but I do feel like one most of the time.  The problem, although I have recently decided it’s not a problem, is that I am a “multipotentialite”.  Yes, this sounds like bullshit, but recently I have discovered my people.  In the coming posts, I will explain how I got there.

So, I’m embracing my Renaissance, and will be writing about it here.  I hope you will read along.  If you know anyone like me, I hope you send them this way.  I’d like to tell them they’re not broken and they’re not alone.  They’re awesome.