Suddenly April, sure sure

Oh, hey guys. How are you? It's April. I disappeared in January. Awesome.

Basically, I cannot handle winter. January is ok because I get that whole resolution revolution thing, but from now on I am giving myself permission to hibernate in February and March. I need light and colour. When I go for a walk, I need flowers and blossoms and just a bit of bloody life, y'know? I like to know I'm alive.

So, January was quite goalsy.  That was nice. Let's check in on that:

The Book-Buying Ban

I bought a book. Say whaaaaat? I know. I had a voucher for my birthday in Feb and my therapist recommended I read Women Who Run With Wolves.  I needed a little reenforcement on trusting my feminine intuition. It worked, I'm good.  
I haven't been able to concentrate much lately. I'd love to say I was firing through all my unread books, but progress is slow. Also, I've found myself rereading books more often than going for the new ones. This is unlike me. Perhaps it was also a winter thing, and I needed the comfort.


Smashed it. I had pizza and ice cream in February then ditched the animal products for good. I'm now vegan. For life? I hope so. I can see it getting in the way socially, especially at other people's houses, but I'll be giving it a bloody good go.

Dry January

I had two G&Ts. Sue me.

Yoga Revolution

No, massive fail. One day, perhaps I will be a daily yogi, but so far not so much.

I feel like this post reads a bit low key. I am here, I am putting things out into the world. I have ideas and energy and am a happy little thing.

'Til next time :)